We offer a full range of services for our commercial customers and guarantee the quality of our work. Cabling is done with the highest quality cable and connectors on the market. We cable your place of work for future needs. All the cables are tested after installation with the latest tools and methods. There is no job too small or too big, from 1 to as many as your business needs. Professionally installed and tested with 25 year warranty. Utilizing a certified cabling vendor who tests their installations, assures that you are receiving the best value for your dollar and obtaining the problem-free, high speed network your business requires. Certified cabling projects are covered by a manufacturer’s minimum 25-year warranty. Many electrical contractors currently installing data cabling, test for continuity only. While this confirms they have connected the wires properly, it does not ensure that it will support the speed that the cable is rated for. Cablatel has invested in high quality testers to guarantee that your cabling is performing at its full potential. A fully tested network also ensures you won’t be wasting money on an I.T. professional, chasing problems that trace back to a poor cabling installation. Always ask for test results. Full key in hand operation at your satisfaction.


  • LAN / Office cabling – We can perform cabling installations in ducted and non-ducted premises
  • Wall Mount Cabinets, PC Racks & Computer Cabinets
  • Structured cabling service for building back-bone connections
  • Cable moves, cable adds and cable changes to your existing cabling infrastructure
  • Cable patching and patch panel installations Telephone cabling
  • Diagnosing data cable, fibre optic cable, PSTN line faults
  • Data Cable Wall Mount Cabinets, Cable Server Racks
  • Network Cabling Analysis and Network Cabling Design
  • Installation of Cat5E & Cat6 Structured Cable
  • WIFI access point cabling
  • Surveillance camera cabling
  • Fiber optic installation