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What is Hybrid PBX? 


ANSWER: A PBX stands for “Private Branch Exchange.” A private branch exchange is the internal network of phones, which connect as a group, not individually, to telephone trunks. Many businesses are making the switch to fully hosted PBX solutions, but there is also a way to combine your existing PBX infrastructure with cloud functionality. This is called a “Hybrid PBX,” or a “Hybrid-Hosted PBX.” A hybrid PBX can provide the best of both worlds.


Why should I consider IP phones versus digital phones?


ANSWER: IP phones give a customer the ability to relocate their own phones as required. They also give the customer the ability to have phones off-site, with no special provisioning required. IP phones also have better voice quality.


My business is growing, would any of your systems be expandable to grow with us?


ANSWER: LG’s multiple platforms are suitable for customers from 2 users to over 10,000 users. Cablatel consults with the customer to decide which platform best suits their needs, but if their growth exceeds expectations, databases can migrate to larger platforms in most cases.


Can we use our old phones with the new system?


ANSWER: If you are upgrading from an eMG platform to UCP platform, the phones are fully interchangeable. The systems are proprietary so all phones must be Ericsson-LG.


If we upgrade, how long will our phones be down?


ANSWER: Cablatel makes every effort to make the transition to your new phone system as seamless as possible by pre-programming the system prior to cutover. This keeps downtime to an absolute minimum (usually over lunch hour).


What is toll fraud and how can I safeguard my business from it?


ANSWER: Toll fraud occurs when unauthorized users access your phone lines to make costly overseas calls. There are many steps that can be undertaken to ensure that your phone system is as secure as possible. The easiest one is ensuring that your staff does not use simple passwords (i.e. 1234, etc) for voice mailboxes.. Remember – your security is only as strong as your weakest password.


Why should I purchase my phone system instead of using a hosted service?


ANSWER: Although circumstances exist where hosted systems are advantageous, there are a number of reasons that justify purchasing your own system. First of all, you own your system. A properly designed and implemented phone system is an asset to a business. New features can often be added via software updates, keeping your system current. A hosted system is similar to an endless lease on a vehicle. You never end up owning anything. Your phone service is completely reliant on your internet connection. It’s kind of like putting all your eggs in one basket. If you don’t have the capital to purchase the system outright, you can always lease to own.


Why choose Ericsson-LG for my phone system?


ANSWER: Careful consideration was given when we shopped for a replacement system for the now defunked Norstar systems. We needed a system that addressed our customer’s needs and a supplier who shared our vision of customer service. Ericsson-LG is such a company. They are constantly adapting their products based on input from users and installers to improve their product offerings. Hardware is backed by a five-year warranty.

Asterisk based phone system or Digium?


What can Asterisk do?

The Asterisk communications engine is an open source tool-kit that drastically simplifies the process of building communications applications. Asterisk allows systems administrators and application developers to quickly and easily assemble communications solutions including IP PBX systems, interactive voice response (IVR) servers, voice messaging platforms, automatic call distributors (ACD) and more. Asterisk includes a wide range of building block modules that handle the low-level details of telecommunications, leaving the developer free to concentrate on business logic.

Is Asterisk right for you?

The Asterisk communications engine is built by and for communication systems developers. Asterisk is incredibly powerful, includes support for virtually every communications protocol in use today and offers unparalleled flexibility. If you are developing a project, product or solution that calls for real-time voice communications then Asterisk is the answer. To get the most out of Asterisk you’ll want a solid understanding of:

  • Linux Systems Administration
  • Telecommunications
  • TCP/IP Networking
  • Script Programming

What can Switchvox do?

Switchvox is a full-featured UC solution built on open standards and protocols, therefore simplifying moves, adds and changes. Switchvox takes care of the heavy lifting for you – you don’t have to be a developer to take full advantage of a customizable, VoIP phone system. With Switchvox, you get many products in one – your voicemail server, automatic call distribution (ACD)/call queues, IVR/auto-attendant, as well as an interactive dashboard – Switchboard, which is one interface to manage your calls, call queues, web-mashups, mobile phones and more.

Is Switchvox right for you?

Where Asterisk is an engine, Switchvox is a complete vehicle that anyone with minimal computer experience can manage and is built for small and mid-sized businesses that need a powerful, cost effective phone system.

Switchvox is administered through an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) rather than raw configuration files and custom scripts. Switchvox includes all of the standard features of phone system plus unified communication capabilities:

  • Mobility Support with Fixed Mobile Convergence
  • Voicemail-to-email integration
  • Interactive dashboard with drag/drop call control
  • Multi-party conferencing and more




If you’re technically inclined and want to build a communication product or solution, then Asterisk is for you. People who want an easy to install, easy to maintain, yet powerful and customizable phone system should check out Switchvox.


Why should I use a Certified Cabling Installer?


ANSWER: Utilizing a certified cabling vendor who tests their installations, assures that you are receiving the best value for your dollar and obtaining the problem-free, high speed network your business requires. Certified cabling projects are covered by a manufacturer’s minimum 25-year warranty. Many electrical contractors currently installing data cabling, test for continuity only. While this confirms they have connected the wires properly, it does not ensure that it will support the speed that the cable is rated for. Cablatel has invested in high quality testers to guarantee that your cabling is performing at its full potential. A fully tested network also ensures you won’t be wasting money on an I.T. professional, chasing problems that trace back to a poor cabling installation. Always ask for test results.