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Industry Led Network Cabling Materials

We are Panduit certified. Therefore, you will always receive quality cable material with high reliability and a long life expectancy. We always use the best material to ensure optimal network performance. Whether you require a simple internet cabling setup for home or a larger LAN for an office, we never undermine the material used.


Your network’s speed and reliability are two of our biggest priorities. To help ensure optimal network performance, our technicians use different network cabling types such as twisted pair and optical fiber cable depending on what best suits the situation. Our goal is to create a network for your business that never slows down your productivity.

Montréal’s Full Telecommunication Service

We live in the information age, and transmitting data safely has never been more important. Your business can trust Cablatel to set up the various frameworks and touchpoints needed. As a result, your communication assets will work flawlessly.
Cablatel is a one-stop shop for an office’s telecommunication needs. We handle the entire process when it comes to network cabling projects, video surveillance, phone systems, Wi-Fi setup, alarms, controlled door access, VoIP telephone lines, and more. From supplying the material, to installation, training, and maintenance — Cablatel technicians will be there from day one and will continue to be there every step of the way.

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