Office Cabling

We offer complete phone, data and monitoring cabling services. We use only the best materials and latest technology.

Highest Quality Materials

Cablatel insists on using only the highest quality, industry-standard materials and state-of-the-art technology for every project.

Quality Standards

We bring an Old World standard of quality to a high tech industry. Each of our projects are executed to perfection.

LAN Cabling
Wifi Access Points
Surveillance Cameras
Fibre Optics
PC Racks
Cabling Maintenance

We keep your network running smoothly!

We believe that Cabling, when installed correctly should be an afterthought to a well-run office. We achieve this through

  • Careful preparation and project planning
  • Use of the highest quality materials and tech
  • Anticipate future growth
  • Understand your business processes
  • Thorough quality-assurance

Here at Cablatel we take our cabling installations very seriously. Professionalism and organization are the trademark of our installers. Whatever the cabling job is, our technicians follow strict guidelines that ensure the industry’s highest standards are met.

Our goal is to have your network cables perfectly organized regardless of whether it is in full sight at a workstation or hidden back in the server room. When properly done, allows for easy maintenance and further expansion to be performed quickly and without confusion.

Choice of material used, makes a big difference in years to come. Working with Panduit material and being Panduit certified, you have nothing to worry about. Therefore, we offer 25-year warranty on all our cabling installation and proudly stand behind it.


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