Having capability to see everything at any time is a great step in feeling safe!


Never be cut by surprise. PTZ or a fix camera will provide tremendous security to your belonging and your loved ones.

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Strategically placed cameras are part of proper planing. Quality of image is a true statement of equipment we install and support.

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Surveillance Cameras
Visible any time
Digitally recorded
Protect your loved ones

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The security surveillance market is one of the fastest growing industries in the technology sector and is expected to exceed $17 billion in sales in the US by the year 2020. But this growth alone is not the only reason VARS should consider adding security surveillance to their lineup. In addition to a 17% annual growth rate, the surveillance market is going through many changes in technology including the increasing popularity of IP Cameras, DVRs, and VSaaS (Video Storage as a Service). These changes are driving a transition from traditional suppliers that specialized in CCTV and general security to those that have knowledge in computer networking. In addition, VARs have established relationships with many of the most lucrative markets including education, finance, and health care that have been built on implementing technology that integrates with the organization. This combination of technical expertise and long standing partnerships give computer VARs a clear advantage in this market.


At Cablatel, we chose to sell andĀ  install Uniview IP camera systems. After testing many others, UNV met and surpassed ourĀ  expectations. With face recognition, as a part of the system, our decision was easy. All the NVR’s and cameras we install come with 3 year warranty. Please refer to PDF file for more details.

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