Seamless Expandability

With iPECS eMG80, you can start small with 8~12 users and grow seamlessly to more than 80 ports.

Cablatel is a telecom service provider Montreal. We offer alarms and video doorbell installation services in Montreal and surrounding areas.

Cost effective

A cost effective and productivity boosting tool that unifies all your business communications into one efficient solution. Here’s a game changer to help you communicate better..

Rich Features and Applications

All the basic features and functions of a modern communications platform plus Voicemail to email, mobile extension and many more.

Auto Attendant
E-mail Notification
Centralized Voice Mail
Mobile Extension
Auto Call Distribution
Green Power Save

One-stop Solution For Your Office Communication Needs

As your small business grows, your phone system requirements would be growing too. Cablatel Montreal has the perfect landline business phone system for you! Introducing iPECS eMG100, an advanced system that’ll help you manage calls and leads effortlessly. 

Unify communications

Choose the platform with UC features embedded, to make your team more connected and more productive. Communicate easily by voice or video. Use instant messaging for quicker conversations. It’s an IP-enabled business phone system in Montreal, so you can do all this and more from any device.

Keep calls flowing

Manage call volume better than ever with quick and easy call routing, transfer, and hold functions. Use the auto-attendant feature to automatically route calls to where they need to be, improving call flow and customer experience.

Prepare for growth

It’s easy to add more applications and features as well as the system capacity. Be prepared for expansion, with a seamlessly scalable iPECS eMG100 system.

Tailor to your needs

Smoothly integrate existing solution or 3rd party solution with the system’s universal interfaces such as RESTful API. Interwork, customize, build a total solution. Your needs will be met.

Aspire to be mobile

Empower your workers with enterprise mobility. Mobility means more than accommodating employee needs – it can empower them to be better. Encourage a dynamic and creative culture.

Make deployment simple

Simple software installation makes the initial settings effortless. With multiple levels of user-friendly administration tools add value for easier management.

Cablatel is a telecom service provider Montreal. We offer alarms and video doorbell installation services in Montreal and surrounding areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the iPECS eMG80 compatible with WiFi?

Yes, iPECS eMG100 is compatible with WIFi. The system comes with a mobile application called iPECS UCS that enables you to digitise office communication from smartphones using WiFi or mobile data. 

2. Will I be able to add more ports as my small business in Montreal grows?

You can start small with iPECS eMG80 with only 2 ports and can add more than 80 ports! It’s the most flexible small business phone system at an affordable price. 

3. Will I be able to access call records and emails on my personal phone or laptop?

Yes, you can access your call and email records online from wherever you want. It comes in handy if you’re working from home. All you need is the iPECS UCS application that you can download on your laptop and Android or iOS smartphone. It is compatible with most smartphones available today. 

4. What features do I get with this landline business phone system?

The iPEC eMG80 is packed with features that are perfect for your office needs. These features include voicemail, voicemail to email, auto attendant, day and night greetings, transfer, conferencing, speakerphone, speed dial, music to hold interface, and your voice of LG handsets. You can also add multiple handsets throughout your office and connect them together. 

5. Why should I Cablatel Montreal for the installation services?

Cablatel is a leader in custom telecom and smart security solutions in Montreal and we stand by our words! We promise to always offer you the best customer service round the clock and the most advanced systems that will last you a good number of years. We’ve also aced smart technology and have worked with businesses of all sizes to support their performance needs.